Tender Mercies


Tender Mercies


His heart is ever lifted up to God at all times and in all places. In this he is never hindered, much less interrupted, by any person or thing. In retirement or company, in leisure, business, or conversation, his heart is ever with the Lord. Whether he lie down or rise up, God is in all his thoughts; he walks with God continually, having the loving eye of his mind still fixed upon Him, and everywhere ‘seeing him that is invisible.’ (John Wesley)

Track List:
1. Be Blessed, My Lord
2. Tender Mercies
3. Sacrifice Of Praise
4. You Are Here
5. Take My Yoke
6. Father's Love
7. The Worshiper's Song
8. Holy Is The Lord
9. You My Lord, Are Worthy
10. Most High
11. The Blessing

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