Sacrifice of Praise


Sacrifice of Praise


"Ben’s all-time best seller!" Sacrifice of Praise is intended to simply share with you the songs, I’ve written while worshipping God. Since I met Jesus, and through Him found my loving heavenly Father, the greatest times in my life have come from being in His presence though praise and worship. It is my prayer that as you listen to this simple recording, you will enter into His presence and worship the Father with me. “In His Presence is fullness of joy.”

Track List:
1. Psalm 34
2. Sacrifice of Praise
3. Yield Yourself To Jesus
4. The Beauty Of Holiness
5. Vision Song
6. Father's Love
7. Psalm 103
8. Psalm 100
9. You Brought Heaven Here
10. You My Lord Are Worthy
11. El Shaddai
12. My Eyes Are On You Lord
13. Nothing Else Can Do
14. Oh Hallelujah

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