Reduce Me to Love


Reduce Me to Love


I am convinced that worship is a process of being reduced to love. Worship is giving and receiving love. Until we turn to God, our hearts are bankrupt of His love… and we’re filled with fear. But as we spend time with Him in praise and adoration, we are filled with His love… and our fears leave. There is no fear in love (I John 4:18). We are then free to extend His love through service to others—this too is worship. It is my prayer that as you listen to this CD, you’ll see Jesus. See Him reduced to love on the cross… stripped naked… and alone—all because He loves us. He left us with two primary commandments—to love God and to love others. May these songs encourage you to say with me, “FATHER IN HEAVEN, REDUCE ME TO LOVE.”

Track List:
1. I Go To God For Fun
2. I Rely On The Blood Of The Lamb
3. Forgive Them Father
4. He's Here Tonight
5. I Surrender
6. Reduce Me To Love
7. Innocent Faith
8. You Bless Me
9. The Vision Song (Give Me Your Cup)
10. I Will Play For You
11. I Will Rejoice In My God Again

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