Daddy's Prayer


Daddy's Prayer


The reason Jesus Christ came to this earth, died and rose again is so that you and I might know God as our Father. He came to show us His Father, the One totally Holy, Pure, Good, Trustworthy and Loving. This Father has never had one evil thought toward us, but has freely given us the opportunity to walk with Him and allow Him to be all in all in our lives. So, not only is this album dedicated to my children and your children, but to all those who through Christ might cry “Abba, Father”, Daddy God. 

Track List:
1. You Are Here
2. Teach Us Your Ways
3. Daddy's Prayer
4. Take My Yoke
5. He's Here Tonight
6. Holy Is The Lord
7. Jehovah (Names Of God)
8. Ode To The Lord
9. Over and Over
10. Softly And Tenderly


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