Audience of One DVD/CD Package


Audience of One DVD/CD Package


Audience of One is a program designed to bring the truth and experience of the Father's love to the viewer through Ben Ferrell's music, his story, and his sharing about the concept of worship. The program endeavors to communicate to the viewer that the Father has put unique gifts in each of us and as we use them for God, we are really doing it for an Audience of One. We feel the pleasure of God when we use these gifts for His glory, and are fulfilled as we develop and use them. Ben's gift is singing and writing songs that bring people into the Presence of God.  He plays and sings for an Audience of One, and we all can do the same with what He has given us.  This is the essence of Worship…with love for God; we use and give back to Him what He has given us. In his program, Ben shares songs that have come from times of worshiping the Father.

Audience of One CD TrackList:
1. You Bless Me
2. Mockingbird Song
3. You My Lord, Are Worthy
4. Give Me Your Cup
5. I Surrender
6. I Will Play For You
7. Daddy's Prayer
8. Ive Been Redeemed
9. The Devil's Got The Blues

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